YARI Annual Meeting & Dinner

Featuring violinist Viktoria Kreshchuk

Friday, December 8, 2023
6:00 to 9:00 PM
Corliss-Carrington House
Enter at 69 Power Street, College Hill, Providence map

$75 per person, guests welcome
Please RSVP and pay by November 30

Registration is now closed. Payment options if you haven't paid yet.

Once we have you back (or for the first time), we are sure to recreate the magical togetherness of last year’s confab by returning to captivating Corliss-Carrington House with catering by Bites by Bre. This could be our last event at Corliss-Carrington House since it is for sale, so don’t miss it. Or bring your checkbook and buy it for YARI.

This year we’ll have a special musical guest. She’s 23-year-old Viktoria Kreshchuk, who has resettled in East Providence with her parents and younger siblings after her home in Irpin, Ukraine, was destroyed in the early days of Russia’s invasion in February 2022. Her father Oleksandr was interviewed in a Rhode Island PBS Weekly segment titled “The Conductor.” Oleksandr also will be our guest and will talk about their experience.

Accessibility: Guests will have to ascend one floor by stairs. Assistance available.

Carpooling: There’s a question on the RSVP form about it. If your attendance depends on getting a lift, email